We all came as just one. Then you found someone.

You maybe started off cautiously, with trips together to the cafeteria. You bond over bitching about a teacher. You grow together as you run an organization and cram for tests. 

There were false starts (but the engine soon roars to life). You have a running buddy, a roll-dawg (and if you were lucky, a friend).

Days are filled with calls and text messages. Brunches, lunches, dunches, dinners and night caps. Convos are filled with familiar catch-phrases and inside jokes. Laughter. Pre-planning, planning, exhaling for homecoming, breaks, senior week. Hours talking about nothing, doing nothing. Conversation is about the NOW. What they are wearing. What you are going to wear. Who you want to see. Who you saw and what they said. Critical analysis, deconstruction and synthesis. Theories and application. Every once in awhile, glimpses into the soul – (admirations and faults). Nevertheless, in a true sense its comfort and belonging.

Then, individually you must reenter the world (devoid).

No longer do they run each party by you. Pics, in outfits you’ve never seen with people you’ve never met. More and more you shop (alone), you eat (alone), you chill (alone). You meet new people, and may or may not fill them in. 

Life is maybe … awkward.

Conversation no longer seamlessly streams the moments apart. There is much more going on, more than you can realize over a cable line. Silences aren’t the same. Change is good. But its always nicer to be a part of the change, to see the change (to change together). 

The relationship is maybe just imprint of what was left behind, or a shadow slowly fading in the sun. Bone with no meat. (The trust is still there.) But the meat…goya, seasoning, sauce…something’s missing.

Even the strongest falter. And its hard to remember
We all came as just one.
-Spring 2006
Aug 12
Friendship: Evolution (Perhaps Incoherent Thoughts of the Graduated State)

"the Cobb County school board approved a last-minute, $2.9 million purchase of electronic math textbooks – rather than spending $7.9 million on actual textbooks that met Common Core standards. Never mind that many of Cobb’s poorer students don’t have access to the Internet. It is more important that they be protected from Common Core cooties."

- The down side of school board meetings as pro-wrestling matches | Political Insider |

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